Be safe and feel secure

  • Safety and security of our residents is uppermost in our minds.
  • Safety and security of our residents is uppermost in our minds.Entire complex to be enclosed by 8 feet high brick and concrete compound wall with 4’ high solar fence on top of it. Solar fence monitored by computer to protect from intruders.
  • Controlled access from secured gates only.
  • Each residential unit will have:
    • – Sturdy entry lock
    • – View master in heavy duty entry door with security chain
    • – Grab bars in shower
  • Additionally, Video Surveillance and security system will be installed for the whole project.

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Personal clothing washed and folded weekly Some personal clothing ironed weekly Some personal clothing dry cleaned weekly Bed sheets, pillowcases, towels washed weekly Curtains dry cleaned yearly.

Shoe shine & normal shoe repairs

Taxi service to and from Vadodara or Ahmedabad airports using project owned taxis(Reasonable charges wil need to be paid)

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Free consulting for usual sickness-cold, fever, cough etc. Free consulting for initial diagnosis Free over the counter medicines – Asperin, Tylenol, KAYAM churan etc Nurses available for long term personal care(at customary charge) Two free ambulance trips in a year to Anand or Nadiad Hospitals by fully furnished ambulance owned by the project.