To offer a hassle free, fun filled, activities rich, retirement life at a affordable price to active retirees and seniors in a world class, modern, gated, safe and secured facility with clean, peaceful and beautiful surroundings, in the heart of CHAROTAR, in District Anand which offers good highway connectivity, modern medical facilities, numerous universities, places of worship, shopping facilities and restaurants.

To maintain the property interiors and exteriors to preserve or Improve the real estate value of the investment made by its owners.

To give highest possible value for the funds residents spend for a monthly service package.

To maximize income for the residents who release their unit to management for daily rentals to other.

To provide comfortable retirement life to those who have lived in western countries for years and would like to enjoy their golden years in India in cost effective way.

To make retirement a pleasant experience for all – men, women and couples.

To provide comfortable life to those who have lived in India, would like to take advantage of current market conditions to cash out their old high priced asset and still have a home in worry-free all inclusive country side luxurious resort instead of going through hassles of upgrading and/or maintaining their assets.

To create over 200 new jobs in rural area – To implement Skills improvement programs.

To earn as much foreign exchange for India as possible.

To help promote growth in rural area.

kamdhenuretreat - Mission statement